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Consultation and Assessment in Third-Party Reproduction

Having been a psychologist for 15 years, I bring a balance of clinical expertise and compassionate understanding to my work with each client. There are many paths towards becoming a parent, and when yours involves third party reproduction, I can help. 

I provide consultation for individuals and couples who are receiving donor egg, sperm, or embryos. I also conduct psychological evaluations for gestational carriers and potential egg, sperm, and embryo donors. As a licensed psychologist, I follow all standards set forth by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and am a member of the Mental Health Professional Group of ASRM. I am a member of the American Psychological Association. I practice via telehealth in the 42 states served by PsyPact, New York, Hawaii, California (for up to 30 days), and Pennsylvania (with an office in Lemont Pennsylvania for in-person clients). 

With a PhD in Counseling Psychology, I approach my work from a scientist-practitioner model; this grounding in research promotes ethical and effective treatment. I also bring a dedication to multicultural issues and social justice and welcome LGBTQ+ clients to my practice. With a specialty in group psychotherapy, I use this expertise in interpersonal dynamics to promote effective communication between recipients and donors in the joint meeting.

How I Work

I offer wholehearted support in your family building process. I welcome LGBTQ+ couples in any of the above evaluations in an affirming and positive way.

LGBTQ+ Family Building

An opportunity to discuss a range of topics with the intended parent(s) and donors who are going to be navigating a new type of relationship with donated gametes.

Intended Parent(s) and Donor Group Meetings

Exploring the motivations and implications of donating embryos, including considerations in future contact from the donor conceived child.

Embryo Donor Consultations

A clinical interview, standardized testing, and discussion of ethical, emotional, and social issues surrounding donation.

Evaluation of Sperm Donors

Testing and clinical interview, with discussion of the ethical, social, and emotional impacts that come with egg donation.

Evaluation of Egg Donors

A series of meetings to evaluate the potential gestational carrier and explore implications of the arrangement with the intended parent(s).

Gestational Carrier Evaluations and Arrangements

Preparing for the implications that come with receiving donated gametes to build your family.

Psychoeducational Consultation for Intended Parent(s)


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One hour facilitated discussion groups provided to intended parents from a specific agency. 

Wellness and Support Groups

About Sweet Springs

Dr. Leann Diederich

Dr. Leann Diederich is a licensed psychologist and member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the American Psychological Association.

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