Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

The fees can vary depending on the type of appointment and the situation. An evaluation of an egg donor, sperm donor, or embryo donor candidate for is $600. The joint meeting between intended parents and gestational carrier or between recipients and donors is $250. Contact me for specific pricing of other appointments (e.g., gestational carrier evaluations). Discounts are available for specific populations (e.g., military) and for series of appointments (e.g., if I conduct the GC Evaluation, IP Consultation, and Joint Meeting, then I offer a 5% discount).

How quickly can I be seen?

Once we have the initial email exchange, then you can typically be scheduled in the next two weeks if you are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays. Other days are available with more advanced notice. A few evening and weekend appointments are available as well. Ensuring that you fill out all paperwork (via a HIPAA compliant online portal) at least 24 hours in advance helps make sure we can move forward with the scheduled appointment.

How can I schedule an appointment?

Send me a message and I’ll contact you within two business days via email to get further details from you. During this email exchange, we’ll discuss what will be involved in the next meetings and we can get you scheduled. 

What do I need to do in advance of the appointment?

Making sure you complete the online paperwork completely, 24 hours in advance of the appointment is critical. I will email you links to access my HIPAA compliant secure portal.

If you are being evaluated, such as an egg donor, sperm donor, or gestational carrier, you will need two devices. A computer (laptop or desktop) that you can complete online assessments on, along with a phone or a tablet can be used for our Zoom call at the same time. Test security for the assessments you’ll be completing requires that I am present (in-person or on Zoom) while you complete them. Two devices is the best method for this.

When can the report be sent to my agency/clinic?

As long as the full payment has been made, a report will be submitted within two weeks of our final meeting. 

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