Some Resources I Recommend

Information about surrogacy for Intended Parents and Surrogates

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)'s resources on family building

Reproductive facts

Empowerment in the family building journey through knowledge, community, advocacy, and inspiration


A registry for donor offspring to connect with their half-siblings and/or donors

Donor sibling registry

Support surrounding how to tell your child their origin story (including online workshops)

telling and talking about donor conception

Information about fertility treatment and benefits, with a focus on increasing accessibility of fertility treatment

fertility within reach

Information about fertility struggles for men

male issues | fertility Network

Education and information to empower those with fibroids 

the white dress project

Information and support about Endometriosis for African American women and women of color

endo black

Providing resources, advocacy, and trainings for providers serving the LGBTQ+ community

family equality

Support for members of the LGBTQ+ community building families

rainbow families

all about surrogacy


Embryo Disposition

When you are desperate to have a baby, even thinking about what you might do with unused embryos once your family is complete seems like such a far away decision. However, being aware of the options early in your journey, allows for more intentionality and awareness as you navigate all the steps. The Victorian Assisted Reproductive Authority has created a Decision Tool to help you think over what options you might consider.

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