Infertility can be a lonely and emotionally taxing journey. For couples and individuals facing the challenges of infertility, the path to parenthood is often fraught with uncertainty, disappointment, and financial strain. In this blog post, we explore the transformative benefits of support groups specifically tailored for those embarking on the unique path of using a […]

Weaving a Net of Connection: The Healing Power of Infertility Support Groups

Embryo donation continues to be a beacon of hope for individuals and couples navigating the complexities of infertility. Yet, beyond the initial decision to pursue embryo donation, lies another significant choice: whether to opt for an open relationship with the donor family or to choose non-directed donation through a clinic. This decision holds profound implications, […]

Embryo Donation: Choices from Non-Directed Donation to Openness

Third-party reproduction has emerged as a transformative option for many couples looking to build their families. However, same-sex couples often face distinct cultural standards, expectations, and norms compared to their heterosexual counterparts. This blog explores some of the challenges confronted by same-sex couples during the third-party reproduction process. Same-sex couples, regardless of gender, may encounter […]

Navigating Unique Cultural Challenges: Same-Sex Couples in Third-Party Reproduction

The journey towards building a family has many milestones. Getting pregnant is the big goal. When having to use IVF to achieve that, questions and uncertainty  influence the emotional journey. Is this the way I take this medication? Or, was our egg donor as healthy as she could be? How many eggs will be available […]

Embryos…tiny babies…or…what are they?

When you have struggled for so long to build your family, it almost seems impossible to think about doing something with your embryos other than using them, and then saving them. I know when my daughter was under 2 years old, it was a feeling of reassurance that we had two embryos in storage. If […]

Holding Thoughts Lightly